RM9 - Broken links fix request

Enhancement request (unless it exists and I don’t know how to use)

After running update broken links the response said 27 broken links fixed and 5 broken links not fixed. But there is no indication of which 5 were not fixed (or why). An enhancement request is to have some facility to tell which links were not fixed so that a user (me) could go look an see why they weren’t fixed and whom the link is tied to.


I ~believe~ they’ll be recognizable as having a Red X icon lower right in Thumbnails view and/or the phrase (Broken Link) in red text after their filename in Media List view.

The reason "“why” they weren’t fixed is always because a file with that original filename can not be found anywhere in the designated search drive(s) or folder(s). This can obviously occur if the original file was renamed or moved outside the designated search drive(s) or folder(s).

What you say is true, however, I believe that having some sort of report that lists them would be of value. I only had 5 this time, but there may come a time when I have hundreds.

I’m, of course, being facetious but… I don’t recommend you let things get that far :wink:
It may be possible that the Multimedia List report could be enhanced to present the data as it is depicted in the Media List view whereby the (Broken Link) error follows filenames found to be missing.

Well - I like to name my media something that is meaningful so that I can tell by the name what the media is. In playing with the treeshare, I’ve found the names that get created from ancestry, especially for census are totally meaningless to me. AND I would prefer to have census media in different folders from photos, death certificates etc - just my personal preference. That would probably cause hundreds of broken links when I do that. Right now not a big deal because I am working with a smallish database so that I can learn treesharing and RM9.

Additionally, I have an intention of treeshare downloading the tree I created for one of my cousin’s and exporting in the RM7 version I have to do a compare in RM9 - I suspect with my naming versions I’ll have many hundreds of broken links too.

OK, now I understand the scope that you see as leading there. I’m not a TreeShare person, at this time, but I hope that your hard work will not be repeatedly hampered by continued subsequent TreeShare operations that mess with your system.

I have a similar media naming process. To find broken media links, run the MultiMedia List report and save it in your favorite file format. Broken links will be listed as Filename: [*NOT FOUND*] plus the file path and file name that is stored in the RM database. You can search on “NOT FOUND” to ID the broken links.

A couple of other random thoughts…As far as I know, the media naming convention is created by Ancestry, not RM. By moving media to a different folder I can easily see which media items still need to be worked on. A side benefit of this approach, which I recommend you consider if you don’t already do it, is that I edit the source/citations fields of every treeshare download from ancestry to be more complete. This makes them unique and allows the “Merge Duplicate Sources” and “Merge Duplicate Citations” tools to work as intended. Ancestry doesn’t provide much data when downloading via treeshare (some of their collections are worse than others) and every couple of months someone posts that they ran “Merge Duplicate Sources” and unintentional merged thousands of sources and/or citations that should have remained separated. (It’s a good idea to always backup before running those tools until you are confident in your process of getting records from Ancestry. It’s hard to backup too often.)

Thank you. I’ve already moved all the census records to a new sub-folder and my next step was to rename them all and to edit the source/citations - again so they’ll be more meaningful and so that I’ll know what they are without having to bring up the media. I’ll try your other recommendations on the merge tools.

RM has an excellent fix media tool that handles nested subfolders. However downloading from ancestry will give you a mess of meaningless file names. Simply do manual downloads of found records and manual addition to your RM database as the master. Only sync up to ancestry if at all. FTM handles sync up well but I do not know how RM handles this. FTM has a terrible fix media tool and tries very hard to dump all media into one useless folder.

How do you find broken links when the Media List Report does not contain any NOT FOUND records?

I have 2 broken links that I can’t find. My only other possible location would be media attached to citations, of which I have only 2-3. How do I find those (I did check the box for ‘citations’ in media list report).

Hi @RobertL

In a previous post I outlined a way that might find your broken links - hope it works for you! :slight_smile: The process does relate to version 8 - I have not tested it on 9 - but it should work.

The post outlining the fix is no. 6 in the thread. Oh, and that broken link in 8 was never found, but version 9 did pick it up!


Thanks for the process. Oddly, I did not have any NOT FOUNDs in my file, but I still have one broken link not fixed.

The MultiMedia List report only shows linked media (ie where Tags>0). Most likely the broken link is associated with a media item that is not tagged (not connected to any element of your database). Perhaps the item was deleted but not the media or perhaps the media was added into the database but the edit media process was not completed. This can easily occur with drag and drop from the main media view.


I think you my be right. I have added a few exhibits through the drag and drop method.

Anyway to determine which exhibit is the problem?

Within RM, I think the only way is to select Media List mode in the Media view and then scroll down a gazillion times looking for “Broken Link” or Tags = 0.

There are external tools to query the RM database which might be faster if you are comfortable with SQL and/or scripting in general. I see @RichardOtter posted a python script a while back that looks like it’s more comprehensive than you need at the moment but covers your issue. I don’t work with media tables much and am not sure how complex a straight up SQL query would be but there are many others that will help if you want to go down the path of using SQL tools on your RM database. The way to start is to go to the SQLite Tools for RootsMagic forum, register, and then post a request for help.

If the Multimedia List is not showing [NOT FOUND] then it is not being used anywhere. To find media not being used in RM9 go to the Tools page, and run the Enhanced Properties List. It will show the Unused Media when you click view.


Thanks for pointing out the new feature of the Enhanced Properties List. That is very helpful. One note I think there’s a mistake in your 1st sentence. When I run the Multimedia List report, [Not Found] is an indicator of a broken link. I think that’s maybe what you meant to say.

Regarding your procedure for finding broken media links-
May I suggest that you try my app TestExternalFiles.
You can find it at-

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