RM9 Associations - customise sentence

The standard sentence for an association is fine, but there is currently no way to customise that sentence for individual association as you can with other fact types.

“Association” itself has no sentence… each Association Type has 2 sentences. So there isn’t really any easy way to customize both sentences on a per association basis. Development will still look to see if there is an option.

@rzamor1 it would also be nice IF the option to SHARE the ASSOCIATION FACT or as one person suggested to be able to list 2 people such as hubby and wife as one association and another person ( or 2 people ) as the 2nd group of people-- such as in the case of the Minister that married a couple or a couple that were friends with another couple…

I was able to customize my Minister Association fact so that the sentence now reads
Max Doppler married Mel Acorn and Yoyo Doppler in 1820 at St Mary’s in London, England
Mel Acorn and Yoyo Doppler was married by Max Doppler in 1820 at St Mary’s in London, England…

but it is under Mel Acorn-- would like to share it the same way a regular marriage fact is shared

My problem is that I cannot customize the sentence in the Association Type or, more importantly, the individual’s fact. I almost always want to use an abbreviated version of the place name. Without being able to customize the sentences when I use this function, it will give me an awkward flow in a narrative. Please install this capability.