RM10 Health bug & request

First, the requests:

  1. If we entered health facts that caused death in the wrong order, it would be nice to be able to reorder the health conditions as we can with children.
  2. A column that allows us to label the condition as recovered, affected their whole life but did not cause death, and cause of death would be nice.

The bug:
When I have two conditions with the same “Condition” name in the first (top) position in the list and the bottom (fourth) position and I select the bottom (fourth) condition, then hit delete. The top (first) condition will be deleted, not the one selected.


Strange, I cannot reproduce a screen like you display. For me, the default sort order seems to be by date. Clicking on any column header changes the sort order. Regardless, the cardio items always group together and the correct one deletes. Am on a mac in case that’s making a difference

I’m checking on Windows right now and I can’t get that sort order you have either. I tested two identical facts, well except for a note on one to tell them apart, and it’s deleting the correct one. Somethings off, is your database inside a folder syncing with the cloud like OneDrive, Dropbox or GoogleDrive?