RM10 DNA Provider

What provider do you recommend for a DNA Test from 23andMe when the DNA match is from a site like GEDMatch or an uploaded DNA to MyHeritage? I would think I would use the site that has the match. Suggestions?

In my opinion either way would be fine BUT I lean a little more towards using the original place tested and putting a note that results were uploaded to Gedmatch and this result was from there–as an example several of us contributed towards purchasing a Y-DNA kit for a direct line descendant who wasn’t really into genealogy but his mother was–so a couple of us manage the results and we have not only moved the results to other places but we have upgraded the test–so say next year, the other manager dies and we wanted to upgrade again–I would have to know where it was originally tested at–of course that said, you could do it the opposite way–just as long as you ( and anybody else who needs to know) knows where the original test was taken…

You could select Other and then add the test information into the DNA Match notes.

Seems to me that the match data is more dependent on the company/organization that does the match than on the raw SNP data provider. The person matched may make only partial information that would be available only at the match site.
But, I would also include in the note which company generated the SNP raw data.

Interesting thought there Richard, I was thinking that the “DNA Provider” label would be more the testing company and Gedmatch would be added in the note field. I guess it depends on the individual logic. Thanks for the idea

It is setup that the DNA Provider is the testing company.