Resizing 'Edit Individual' window

Is it possible to permanently resize the ‘edit individual’ window? In other words, to set the default so that every time I open a new ‘edit individual’ window, it opens to the same desired dimensions, rather than having to enlarge it each and every time?
I am on Mac, if that makes a difference. Thank you.

Maybe it does make a difference because my edit person window always opens at the same size and I am using Win 10

It doesn’t seem to be a Mac specific problem. iMac, High Sierra, set window size/position opens the same for any person edit screen.
Macbook, Big Sur. Open same tree via iCloud and get the same, correct, behaviour. Closed the tree and created a new one from old RM7 tree and this opened correctly. The only difference I get, is that the screen is slightly to one side. I set it to leave the side icon bar visible. on the iMac the screen stays correct but on the Macbook it usually covers it even when reset.

Thank you for testing that, Peter, and for your input, Terry. Weirdly enough, the program is not changing my box sizes around anymore, although it definitely was a few days ago. Now it only reverts back to opening a small window if I have enlarged the ‘edit individual’ window using the green button in upper left corner, closed it, and then open a new window. I even created a new file to test, and it is still behaving. The improvement could be due to shutting down and restarting my computer 2 nights ago, after it started misbehaving when I tried to install Personal Historian.
Just like my husband always quotes: “Hello, IT? Have you tried turning it off and on again?”