Request ability to open both a media window and a note window to permit transcription

The addition of a feature, within RootsMagic, that would permit users to extract information from an open media window to open an other window to an appropriate note and transcribe the media information into the note.

Yes, there are ways to perform this task outside of the RootsMagic environment, such as using a non-RM picture browser and and a non-RM text editor, then copying and pasting the transcribed material in to RM.


Not sure why you would have to use both a non-RM picture browser and a non-RM text editor and then do a copy/paste. Surely you could transcribe directly from the photo program to the note.

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My intended point is that, while staying in RM, I have media linked to an individual as well as notes.
All I want to do is select a media file in RM, which does in fact open up, then I want to open that same individuals, for example: birth note.
This cannot be done in RM7 or 8. I don’t believe a user should add the addition software or additional steps to open non-RM software to perform such a function.
Could I do that? Yes. Have I? Yes. Do I like doing things with greater complexity and more software? Not really.

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I would definitely like this feature. I have a fair number of document images which have come from Ancestry, often with very little of the information actually brought through from the ancestry record. The files can be a pain to find and open with another image viewer. It would be very useful to be able to edit the person while having the image open in the RM Image viewer.

Thank you for your support of my feature request. Little did I realize that someone else understands the workflow efficiency of such a feature when implemented.

It would be immensely helpful to have a text box that would remain open over a media item for transcriptions. It is a great aid in smoothing the process of citing.

Thank you, all who put this feature in the 8.1.1 release. I’m stoked that those of us who want to translate or do any text function in RM8 can now do so. And the bonus of being able to edit the media in our own photo-editor is welcomed.
Again, a hearty thank you
Dutch Van Looveren
aka Antwerpen50

@Antwerpen50 Please can you describe the process you have now found that works.

I will get back to you in a day or so.
Do you have a single screen or two connected to your computer?

Know your ancestry.

Hello Sally,

An attempt at providing you and others with what I hope is a useful process for transcribing media information to RM8’s ’Notes.’

RootsMagic 8 procedure to open media and note simultaneously.

Before getting started.

NOTE: The ideal situation is having two monitors attached to your PC. Without two monitors you’ll have to become comfortable with sizing and sliding windows around to perform the new feature in RM8.

When using a single monitor, you’ll have to become comfortable with RM8 screens hiding behind one another, and become comfortable resizing windows to see more than one window at a time.

  1. Start RootsMagic 8 (RM8)

  2. From the Pedigree window, double click on an individual. This opens that person’s info page.

  3. Under that person’s name and under the ‘Person Items’ single click on his ‘Media.’ This will display any media that you’ve previously associated for this individual.

  4. In the ‘Media’ window, single click the media you’re interested in transcribing text from. This will bring up an ‘Edit Media’ window.

  5. Single click the media. The media will now show in a ‘View Image’ window.

NOTE: - The ‘View Image’ window may overlap the previous window as well as the individual’s information screen.

  • You may need to resize and or shuffle windows to get back to the individual as well as read the media and open the "Fact’ in that individual’s facts.
  1. When you find the individual’s information screen, select the note you wish to transcribe, and an ‘Edit Note’ window will open up.

  2. Do the transcription from the media the ‘View Image’ window to the ‘Edit Note’ window.

  3. When done close the ‘Edit Note’ and ‘View Image’ windows, returning you to the original person’s info window.

Give this a shot, and I gladly welcome your thoughts on the process I’ve shared.

Yes, the instructions above may sound convoluted and they may need clarification.

It’s not my forté to write instructions.

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Hi @Antwerpen50 ,

Does this still work for you since 8.1.2? I’m sure it worked in 8.1.1, but since 8.1.2 it’s gone back to not letting me go into anything else once I’ve opened the media :frowning:

Cheers, Geoff

When you have the Edit Media pane open, there are two options to view the media item in a separate window’
Clicking on the Magnifying Glass icon will open the media in RM8’s own internal viewer, you cannot edit a note etc. with that window open.
Clicking on the Pencil icon will open the media in a separate window using the default image software (in my case Irfanview). You can move that separate software window and edit a person in RM, eg add a note about the media item.

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