Reordering the roles created for a shared family fact

Once rolls are specified for a Fact, is there a way they be reordered. I have used this feature for Census(Family) fact before I learned the drawbacks to doing this. I originally created them as I needed them so they are in a different order in different places and I would like to reorder them to put the most used at the top.

As far as I know, the answer is no. Roles for a fact in the Fact List cannot be reordered. Also, there is no Favorite mechanism to place certain roles at the top of the list. And the role list is not ordered alphabetically so that you could prefix certain role names with special characters such as ! or * to get the roles to the top of the list. Such special characters in the Role names would not affect the Role sentence.

Also, there is a more subtle ordering problem when it comes to shared facts that you didn’t ask about. There are cases where more than one person is assigned the same role - think groomsmen at a wedding or pallbearers at a funeral. Let’s take the pallbearers example and consider a Pallbearer role. Let’s say that Pallbearer is a Role for the Burial fact.

In the sentence for Pallbearer, you would probably have a [ThisPerson] variable which would show just the one name for each pallbearer in their own timeline. In the sentence for the Burial fact for the person who had passed away, you might use the [Pallbearer] variable. For example, the sentence might be something like [Person] was buried [Date][Place]. [Pallbearer] served as the pallbearers at the funeral.

In this case, the [Pallbearer] variable would be expanded to list all the pallbearers and they would appear in the order in which you had shared the Pallbearer role. There is no way that I know of to reorder the list of Pallbearers, other than to take them all out and then to put them back and to put them back in the new order.

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