Publish - show all siblings at a start of a book or fanchart

This is possibly a silly question but, in Publish, how do you show all siblings at the start of a Book or Fan Chart? I have 4 grandchildren and I want to publish a PDF ancestry chart using all 4 of the names at the beginning. If I output a Word file I can edit them in manually but the Publish asks for just the one name to start with and the siblings are not included together. In both Pedigree Chart and Ancestor List only one name can be used and that’s the only name appearing at the beginning of the generated book. The Fan Chart is the same only showing the one child.

Only one focus person can be used on both charts. This is something you would need to continue to edit outside of RM.

Sounds like an Hourglass chart from you at the origin, descending three generations to your grandchildren, ascending as many generations as may fit. That will show only your ancestry, not their grandmother’s nor that of your child-in-laws. While RM9 has such a chart, on my system it is badly flawed and I cannot get a decent output from it. So, your best bet is some other application or service that can create such a chart from a GEDCOM export from your database and provide it to you in a format that you can use in MS Word.

Ok, thanks. It would be lovely to have a facility to say “show siblings at the same time” - just for display purpose.

? No. I am printing a chart with the focus on the grandchildren (4 siblings). Only one sibling can be used and only one is printed.

I guess I do not understand what you want then. It sounds like you want a chart that has the 4 siblings shown at one extremity (the visual start) and ascending the ancestral tree. That is precisely what an Hourglass Chart does. You select one parent as the focus person, shown at the waist of the hourglass along with the other parent but only the focus person’s ancestry is shown, as Renee says. You can tilt the hourglass on its side to have the 4 grandchildren on the left instead of the bottom (or top). Without some kind of editing tool to combine multiple charts, that’s the closest to what you asked for using RM as the chart generator. That’s why I suggest you would have to look at some other chart generator that does what you want. I think the online tree view that Ancestry has may be closer, even closest, but printout is always broken up into pages. It has been an enhancement request for RM for a long time.

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  1. I presume You are aware that one of the elements to be inserted in a Book is Blank Pages (placeholder reserves a spot for insertion of a separate internally RM-created or externally-created sheet or sheets).

  2. Another choice of elements that one can add to a book is a Dedication Page (enter the text of their names in sentence/paragraph or listing form).

  3. An off-the-wall approach is to temporarily create a fresh newly named database (eg.Grandchildren). Drag ‘n’ Drop You and their Grandmother and their parents over.

Temporarily add one (placeholder) child to this descent (add to their parents). Fill-in just the Given Name as:
John, Jane, Jim, June (ie.All one string of Names). Create a fan chart for that placeholder child.


Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone