Printing Pedigree Chart

I’m saving a pedigree chart as a PDF using RM9. But when I try to delete certain pages of the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro, it doesn’t let me, whereas earlier RM versions did. Sometimes I just want to save and send just part of my family tree to a family member or friend. Is this possible with RM9?

Assuming Windows as the operating system and not having Acrobat Pro, I downloaded PDFArranger installer or portable and it was able to delete pages from a pedigree chart without problem. Of course, alternatively You could choose Print (instead of Save) and use Microsoft Print to PDF as the printer. It’s dialog has under Pages to Print the option Page Range, which can be entered something like 1-3, 5-6, 8


kbens0n is right. Your problem isn’t with RM9, it’s with what you are using to read your PDF files with. There are a lot of them available for free, but most folks use the Adobe Reader because that is what comes with their Windows computer.

Adobe Reader is free for a reason - about all it does is read the file. If you want to do anything else, like extract a page or paragraph, you have to upgrade to a paid version, and that isn’t cheap!

Adobe is the Microsoft of the PDF world. BUT fear not - there are many other options. If you have a scanner, it probably came with a PDF program. The grandpa of free/shareware open source software is (do a search on the site for a PDF reader or editor). Another free/shareware site is Github.

If you really have a PDF with a problem, there is a site you can upload your document to, select what you need done to it, and get it back (for free) - They are a subscription site if you need a lot PDFs edited over a long period of time, but for just a small amount now & then, it’s free. I buy a pretty good program that I’ve been using for about 30 years (PaperPort), but there are a couple of things it won’t do. I go to about every 3 months and run a file through them to do that 1 or 2 things PaperPort won’t do. They are so easy to use that I told them I wished I had known about them before I had paid for the last upgrade on PaperPort. We both had a chuckle and they said to enjoy the site.

The only other two options you have, unfortunately, are: 1) do each page as a separate PDF file. For me, that would be very time consuming, requiring having to deterring who would be the root person on each sheet and printing each one off, or 2) print the entire chart for yourself, use it as a master, and just make a copy of the part you want to give to the appropriate relative.

Hope this helps!