Printing lengthy Research Log Reports

I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing the following problem with the “Research Log” Report and have a solution.

I’m printing a “Research Log” report for a particular folder. Filtering has not been applied, and I wish to include the date, goal, source, and results columns (the ref# and repository columns are excluded from the report).

The particular folder I’m printing has 5 separate research logs. Two of these research logs have quite lengthy results, they run to more than a page.

However, when printing to the screen I am only able to see the first page of the results of each log – any narrative that goes over a page is missing.

If I delete a column (say the sources column), I can see more of the results narrative, but again, only the first page. Any narrative that runs to the second page is “lost”.

If I save the report to PDF, it prints the report as it is viewed on the screen (ie. with each log restricted to a page).

However if I print to Word, the full research logs are printed. The only problem with this is that the Word document is not as “clean” (eg. lots of unnecessary lines throughout the report). Much better if the PDF report would print the full research log, regardless of the length!

I’m wondering if anyone else experienced this issue and found a solution?

Confirming this issue with cells covering more than one page has been reported to development.

Excellent - thanks so much @rzamor1. I’ll wait for the fix in future updates before printing the reports.

Hi @rzamor1, Following on from the previous post, I’ve been thinking further and wondering if I could request the option of how the Research Log report presents.

Would it be possible to have a user selection where the report prints either vertical or horizontal? Vertical printing would be similar to the present style, whilst horizontal printing would emulate the way the Task List report presents (ie. the goal, source, repository and results (depending upon selection), print sequentially down the page).

Another feature that could bring about the same outcome is to have the following selections available when printing the Task List report:

  • Option to print the sources field for each task, and
  • When filtering the Task List report using “Folder”, could the Folder Name and Folder Objective statement print across the top of the report (similar to how it does with the Research Log report).

Thanks so much Renee. I’m really enjoying working with RM8 and love how the research reporting is all coming together – thank you!

(And please let me know if we are required to submit these requests through an alternate channel as I’m happy to do so).

I’ve submitted it to development for consideration.

Thank you so much @rzamor1 - fantastic! Just love RM and the ease with which it allows us to progress our family research, thank you!

Hi, I am having the same problem, with about half the text missing from the Results field when I print a Research Log. I have tried making changes to page orientation and paper size etc, without success. However, when I print the same item as part of a Task List, the full text is included. Tony Cox.

I know this is an old post but I am having this same problem also.