Print a list of all facts

Is there a way to print a list of all the facts in a database. I would like to have a list outside the database so I can work on it without going back to the list repeatedly.

Have you looked at Publish>All Reports and Charts>Fact List?

Yes. That’s the first place I looked. I’m not looking for a list of people who share a particular fact. I’m looking to print a list of all the Facts (their names) that are in my database.

This sorta accomplishes that:
Publish>Timeline List>Timeline type>Group timeline List (one can uncheck Include places and change Sources to No sources).

This locked my database up after several minutes of trying to generate the report. (Possibly because I have almost 18,000 people in the database?) Thanks for trying to help, though!

Instead of Everyone, try Select from a list and then mark a batch of folks and run the report again to get a gist of the potential. Just a thought.

Yes, I thought about that, but it seems so cumbersome - more so than what I doing already.

I just posted a file on Facebook-RootsMagic users of all the built-in facts with GEDCOM tags and default sentences.

Is that a list of all defined fact types in the database or just those that have been used by all the people in the db?

Both can be readily answered with a sqlite query. Now if only RM would make it easy for users to query the database at that level.

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Thank you! That is helpful, although I would really like a list of all the facts in MY database. I have many that were created via TreeShare and I am trying to clean them up. I have a process that works, but if I could have a reference list outside the database it would be helpful.

I used to do a good bit of work in Access, but sqlite queries are beyond my current capabilities. I do hope that RM is able to make it easier at some point for those of us who want to use the software, not write it. :slight_smile:

Maybe not beyond your capabilities. There are very effective, free SQLite Manager applications and a community of RM users with sqlite skills who have contributed scripts. Once you have set up your SQLite manager and learned how to navigate within it, it can be as simple a matter as loading or pasting in a script and executing it. See Learn – SQLite Tools for RootsMagic.

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Thank you - I’ll look into this!

If you run the fact list report twice, once for facts with sources, and once for facts without sources, save both as csv or Excel files, and then merge the two files, you can sort the results as needed. Would that work for you?

I don’t think so. There is no Fact List Report (I can find) that provides me with a list of facts included in the database - with or without sources. Both the custom facts that I am working on, and the built in facts, have sources, so that would not help. The process I have been using is working for now. And, I plan to educate myself on using sqlite. I think that will be the only way to get the flexibility that I’m looking for. Thanks for taking the time to try and help!!

This is what I meant. Does that help?

Yes, I see what you mean…two lists and then work with them outside RM. I have almost 18,000 people in my database. This will likely lock my database up again, but I’ll give it a try.

So far I only tried it out on a 950-person db with about 3500 facts. I haven’t worked with any db larger than 5K people. Good luck!

When you get SQLiteSpy or equivalent going with the fake RMNOCASE collation, you can run a query like this for a useful list of Fact Types in your database and what outputs include them:

This query executed in ~2 milliseconds - fast enough for you? And it’s much easier and faster to review this display for possible omissions from GEDCOM et al than to have to step through the list in the RM UI one fact type at a time.

This query is the first of a set of simple ones I published over 9 years ago and requested that similar functionality be incorporated in RootsMagic… still waiting. You can see the full set at Fact Inclusion Controls.

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