Place Name Merge and Tree Share

Doing Place Name merge then Ancestry TreeShare. I looks like the Place names do not change until I go to each person and accept each Place Name change. That could mean hundreds of individual changes to change one place name. Is there a way to change them by TreeShare at one time?

No. To TreeShare, each fact where the changed place name is used is a separate change.

Ouch that a heck of a lot on individual changes.

When TreeShare first came out, a change to a frequently used Place in RM resulted in a change detected for every fact which used it. That upset users because of the volume of updates they needed to do and because it masked other more important differences between the local and online trees. So RM desensitised the Changed People list to ignore Place differences. Neither is really an acceptable situation.

With Family Tree Maker it will change all Place names at one sync.

When TreeShare first came out we did add everyone using the place edited to the changed list. This caused the place list to appear frozen. The more facts using the edited place the longer it took to update. The Place List became unacceptably slow so we had to remove support on it.

If you want to update everyone using an edited place create a group. Use the filter: Any Fact - place - contains - xxxx. Then in TreeShare at the top click on “Show Everyone” and select the group to work from.

Sorry for the delay.
Thanks. Glad you point that feature out to me.That’s useful in finding the change for a specific place and other type of sorting. But it still looks like its a one at at time per person and fact change on the TreeShare. So same amount of click for all the changes which for me is way over about 36,000 clicks.
Now it this Group would sync to all people in this group by the exact place name only to Ancestry would be great.