Photo corrupted for use with scrapbook page'

making scrapbook adding pictures but find that sometimes picture is corrupted
JPEG format, bottom halve of some pics are garbage and another had parts rearranged when placing in scrapbook page. Image in file also corrupted, was okay originally
Is this because of lost of image quality when jpeg is opened and used.

It’s hard to know, but it seems extremely unlikely.

JPG quality is degraded if a file is opened and saved. Quality is not degraded just because a file is opened and used. And the degradation is a loss of resolution throughout the entire image. Essentially, the image becomes more grainy. This issue doesn’t affect just the top half or bottom half of the image and it doesn’t rearrange anything in the image as you have described.

Can you see the same corruption if you look at the same image from outside of RM? Actually, you can see a JPG image using your default Windows or Mac JPG viewer from inside of RM if you click the Edit icon (the crayon) rather than the View icon (the looking glass).