Pensioner newbie w/ non-touch PC: media didn't transfer, and where's zoom

First time. I have a big job to drastically prune 68K person Ancestry tree. Want to remove many branches, which is why I needed to try Rootsmagic. I’m on Essentials for now. Media did not transfer. Do I need the paid version to have that. By media does it mean photos too? Zoom is needed on all pages not just some pages. Where is that? I don’t have a touchscreen PC so I can’t zoom with fingers and no smartphone. I’m old, so are my eyes. I’d like to get my tree fixed before the bucket kicks over. :smiley:

Ancestry TreeShare is available RM Essentials. It will download your media if you have a subscription on Ancestry. If you don’t have an Ancestry subscription it won’t download the media. In Essential once you have done the download you cannot share data back and forth, only view it. Go to Publish, Ancestry TreeShare to use it.

Under Settings, Display Settings there is font scaling that will help increase the font size in the program.

Thank you. It’s the dreaded learning curve I have to look forward to, but it will be more than worth it. :sunglasses: