Opened up RM8 and file is gone on Mac

I have only had RM8 for 2 days and I have lost the file twice. I received an error message, so I reported it, then shut down. When I reopened, the file was gone. All my backups are greyed out so I can’t open them. The first time I lost the file, I could only load a backup file from 2016. Does anyone know why this keeps happening and why the backups are greyed out? I updated RM8 yesterday and I have Monterey. I’m getting disgusted.

Bruce’s port to the mac is very non-standard and you have to accept odd behaviour. I tried setting RM8 as the application to open my file from the finder and it works but RM8 then gives you an error message that it can’t open the file it just opened.

Have you really lost your file at athe Finder level or is RM8 not looking in the right place?
Are your gray backups from RM8 or from RM7 where I assume you are coming from?
RM8 uses a different file format than 7 and can only import and convert them to its own format.
See if your “missing” file is in a recent time machine backup. With a continuously connected TM drive it is probably available to you.
Have you updated to the latest RM8 version which fixed the really bad AV crash bug?

First, it isn’t a port. It is written for a Mac. You are using port incorrectly. Second, setting RM as the default on Windows doesn’t work either…so it isn’t just a Mac thing.

I updated RM8 yesterday. I have my RM backed up in the cloud and can access them through Finder, but I can’t access them through RM8. All backups are grayed out, except the original backup from 2016. I cannot access any backup files after 2016. I tried both RM7 and RM8 backups but all are grayed out. Thanks for your help!

Is there a local folder for your cloud service? If not, then you most likely need to copy your backup out of the cloud and put it on your local machine. I don’t use iCloud however I do use Dropbox and Google Drive. Both have apps that can be installed locally and both create a local folder, which will sync with the cloud service when you put new stuff into the local folder.

Your files need to be on your mac for real not in the cloud. Perhaps you have allowed the default setting for Documents and Desktop to be in the cloud which is not a good idea. Google how to get things back to your mac before you change this preference. Time Machine may not be backing up your files stored only in the cloud.

If you are trying to open a backup make sure to use File, Restore from Backup. If you use File, Open a RootsMagic 8 file the backups should be all grayed out.

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I got it! Now I just have to hope it stays there! Thanks!