Open RM8 in "Home" Screen instead of "People"

When I open RootsMagic 8, it automatically selects People screen.

Is there a way to change RM8 to start with Homescreen instead so that I can see if there are any new updates available before proceeding?

There doesn’t appear to be a way to do this @OldNavy1958. I went to the General Settings and changed the “start view” option to “last view” thinking that would do the trick. I then ensured that I left the program, last viewing the Home page. I did this twice and both times it did not work (instead it always reopened on the People page). I think that the “last view” option means the last view in the People page, rather than the last page (screen) viewed.

But if you’d like to open on the Home page to ensure a system update is not missed, the developers have programmed in an “alert” to let us know there is an update. If there is an update, the Home icon will flash orange. I find it quite subtle and sometimes miss it, but it does occur.

It would be nice if we could open the program to the page (screen) that we would like – perhaps this is an enhancement request to the developers! I’d like to open at the File page (screen) as this would remind me to run the system tools before starting any work.

The only way to open to the Home screen appears to be:

Settings->Program Settings->uncheck Open last closed file


Thanks for inputs, I now know for sure I didn’t miss something.

Another mac bug: the start view is set to pedigree and cannot be changed.

Yes, this works for me. (Win11) Mine was opening to the Home page and when I tried your path (but I checked the last closed file) it now opens to the People.

I’m a MAC user and mine always opens on the Home Screen. Maybe because I have more than one tree. Otherwise I don’t know how I’d get to the others (Well, I just figured it out, yay me!)

It is down to your settings. If you have Open Last Closed File checked then it skips the Home screen and goes straight to the database. As for which person screen, that is determined by the “Start View” setting and that can be different for each database.