Number of generations displayed on a pedigree view

In the upper left corner of the area where names are displayed is a number of generations to be displayed. It gives me a choice of 2-7. How do increase this number of generations?

I thought he program calculated the range of possible generations (it thinks would fit the boxes & still be readable) based on the computer’s OS (Operating System) “display settings” such as display resolution, display orientation (landscape or portrait), display percentage (100%/125%/XXX%) which can involve screen DPI (dots per inch), ETC.

The Pedigree View only has 5-6 generations. The Descendant View is 2-7 generations. You cannot expand beyond that. You would need to use the arrow to move to another generation, or change the focus person.

OK, I made a mistake here. I said Pedigree where I should have said descendants. There are no little boxes, but it still limits me to only 7 generations. Somehow, this doesn’t make much sense to me.


OK, thanks. I’ll play around with it. This is a new program for me and I’m still in learning mode.