Now I've managed to separate my Grandparents

Following on from trying to get my Parent Swap sorted I, clicked on the message asking if I wanted to separate ABC from XYZ instead of the parents being swapped - I thought it might have been a typo - I find that Grandmother and Grandfather have been separated.
How do I get them back again? And - I’ve still not managed to sort out the parent position yet. Please see attached (if it come through).

To swap positions of Mary and Thomas, start from either Mary Jane or Thomas, not from a child. RootsMagic calls a married couple “Parents”, so don’t be confused by the Swap Parents tool use of the word parent. You will be switching the position of the married couple but start with them.

Hurrah! Thank you, that worked. Note to self - must remember that Parents are husband and wife.
Thank you Alainemk.
Now to get Florence’s husband back.

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