Can't swap parents order

Hello Everyone, I’m new to Rootsmagic 9 - in fact, Rootsmagic in general. I have two problems (so far) but I’ll deal with only one here at the moment.

My Grandmother’s parents are in the wrong order. I’ve done what is suggested in your replies to other people with this problem by using the pencil icon and the Swap father and mother but nothing happened, it’s still the same.
Maybe one of the problems is - when I do that, I get a message: SWAP PARENTS? Do you want to swap ABC and XYZ as husband and wife?

No! - I want to swap parents.


The swap parents’ tool is used when the maternal person is showing in the traditionally paternal position. (i.e. Ahnentafel no. 2 not 3). If this is the situation, then yes that is the tool you want. Answer yes. If you mean your grandmother has multiple sets of parents, i.e. birth parents and adoptive parents and you want to change to the other family, there are a number of ways depending on which view you are in. Most views have the sidebar showing, click on the Parents radio button in the top section, then choose the parents you want. If you mean you have the wrong people attached to her as parents, then from your grandmother, right click and choose “unlink from parents”. You can then link her to the correct people.

Thank you for your reply Alainemk. Yes, the maternal person is showing in the traditionally paternal position.
This is what comes through when I try to change the position of the parents.

Thinking it was a typo I went ahead and the parents stayed in the same positions and I ended up losing her husband.