NEHGS Narrative Format differences from Register Style

The NEHGS (Register) narrative report type, when exported as a Word document, has a number of formatting differences from those recommended by the NEHGS. Examples are subsequent paragraph indentation, first name and last name are usually in small caps, children are in a type font one point smaller, and indentation is in 0.25 inch increments. Also recommended is a generation number superscript to the given name of each numbered person.
Is there a way to specify a style sheet to change the formatting of the NEHGS export to accomodate these differences?
Is there a workaround, other than manually reformatting the Word document per NEHGS recommendations?
Or is this a feature enhancement request?

In searching further for ways to make the narrative report like the NEHGS, I found a sentence template can use tags to specify small caps. I modified the sentence template for birth facts with
tag sc tag /sc. However, the template results did not show small caps and the narrative report showed literal tag Sc tag /sc in preview, Word, and pdf format. I saw this reported in October 2021 in this forum.

Try “<sc> Name </sc>

Angle carets are required per Sentence Template Language.

I used angle carets but when I put them in the reply to the post, they were rendered invisible instead of displayed literally. I should have used HTML entities, like <sc></sc>.

Specifically, the sentence entry for birth started like this: <sc>[Person]</sc>

and rendered like this: <Sc>Mr. Thomas Hodgman</sc>

I agree that this is a problem after trying multiple ways in my test db. I suggest you raise a support ticket at as there is no evidence that anyone from Rootsmagic monitors this site.

I will do that. Thanks.