My 3gr grandfather was in prison

And I have the prison register from Scotland. Any ideas how I might add this fact? I guess I could add it as a RESIDENCE.

I’m new to RM8 but you can design your own fact type. A new fact type of Incarceration or Prison might be a lot more informative than Residence.

I was hoping that there was a GEDCOM standard event that I was overlooking. I don’t like to add my own extensions to GEDCOM and complicate future data transfers.

The only reasons to create a new Fact/Event Type is if

  1. It will be extensively used in narrative reports and no other fact type provides a suitable standard sentence or customising it would jeopardise many other events of that type, OR
  2. The new type is especially needed for searches or filtering that cannot be achieved by using key words in the Description or Note.

I cannot think of others atm.

Would the Miscellaneous fact type work for you?