Multiple Spouses

Is there a way I can search and filter out individuals with multiple spouses?

You can find them with an Advanced Search.

Search => Advanced Search (it’s the second icon from the top left)

then it’s

Number of Spouses => Greater than => 1

In addition to searching, you can use the same technique to color code people with more than one spouse or to make a group of individuals with one or more spouse.

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Thank you, is there a way to create a report with this information?

Make a group using your selection criteria
Publish>Individual list, under Include? select your group
Enter your listing requirements about facts, indexes, etc and generate your report.

Publish => All Reports and Charts => Individual List

Then use the Include option to select the people with more than one spouse. Also, I would probably turn off all the other options except for the names of the spouses. For this purpose, you probably wouldn’t need the facts or the parents or the children.