Multiple roles on shared fact

If a person has 2 roles for a Shared Fact (Heir and Executor of a Will, for example), it looks like I have to share the Fact with the person twice, once for each Role. Is this right, or am I missing something?

Not only would it be more efficient to be able to assign 2 Roles in one step, the Fact Sentence would read better: “Mary Smith was listed as Heir and Executor in the will of John Smith”.

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I can’t see anyway to assign both at once BUT you could make one more ROLE-- heir/executor and set it up as your sentence above— don’t know abt you BUT I have seen a lot of wills where the executor was an heir also-- not all but a lot…

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Oh that’s a brilliant solution. Thx!

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@markwhidby – I got to thinking abt this-- I think you MIGHT want to add <[desc]>.
at the end of your fact sentence for Heir/Executor role…
( with or without a period depending on IF you normal put a period at the end of a sentence)-- you will have to edit the will fact by putting a check mark in description then adding the above to Heir/Executor only… So my sentence now reads

Early Lee was named as a heir and executor for the will of Bobby Lee on 5 May 1933 at 10 Midway St in London England. In 1956, He declined due to having moved out of country-so his mother Mary ( Acorn) became Executor.

The part that you would put in description would be---- ** In 1956, He declined due to having moved out of country-so his mother Mary ( Acorn) became Executor.**

I have read a lot of probates and wills — I would say that in abt 25 % of these the named EXECTOR DECLINED TO SERVE-- either because they didn’t want to, they had died or moved etc-- They could suggest someone to take their place or the Judge could appoint someone else…

Just make sure you ONLY add <[desc]>. to the Heir/ Executor role-- otherwise you get the above sentence on others…

I like this suggestion, although I haven’t seen the situation quite as frequently. Thanks for the idea.

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