Media duplication oddity

I am loading a GEDCOM to a TNG web site for collaboration with family groups. Once I figured out the proper procedure in TNG I discovered an oddity with how RM was managing media. Somehow I got literally thousands of duplicate images. What’s interesting is they are true duplicates (i.e. not a thumbnail) and they are all named somefilename.jpg and somefilename (somefilename).jpg.

A should note the only reason I mention TNG is it gave me an alternative view of the contents of my media folder (and a reason to look). The duplicates were discovered using a photo tool (GraphicConverter) with a duplicate photo scanner.

The duplicates could have been there for years, but I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this and knows the cause.

Duplicate media images will happen if you download the same media from Ancestry multiple times.

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I wrote this piece a while ago in the RM7 era: