Is there a technique to add close friend/neighbor non-family relationships and tag them as such

I’ve been experimenting (new user) and I seem to be limited to family relationships like spouse or parent. I tried creating a new Fact Type “Neighbor” to add but I get prompted immediately to add new spouse. May not be possible but maybe there is a workaround? I wish to document close friends and neighbors, etc.

Your Neighbour fact type sounds like it is a Family-type fact, hence the request to identify the spouse in order to associate it with a couple. But the family has the person you are editing as the first half of the couple. Within RM and a few programs that recognise its custom Witness-type roles, you could use shared events. For example, you might share the Residence or Residence (family) fact with unrelated people using a custom role of “Neighbour”. You can only share to individuals, not to couples. Play with that concept to see if it suits your purpose.

Thank you, TomH! Had to practice that a bit but it gets the job done!