Install RM8 with RM7 on a mac already

Does RM8 install on a mac with RM7 crossover already there?
If RM8 imports a RM7 file is the RM7 file and program still intact?

Want to try RM8 while still using RM7.

Any thoughts on how long Bruce will support RM7 mac which costs a monthly fee?

RM7 and RM8 are completely separate programs Rooty.
The import into RM8 does not change in any way, what’s in your RM7 database.
And trying it out beforehand is a good strategy.
Exploring even helps you tidy up a heap of things in RM7 so your next import into RM8 will be better :slight_smile:

I’ll leave a RM person to answer your second point but admit to being puzzled why you believe RM7 on mac needs a monthly fee ?

Lorna (a Mac user)

Since when does RM support charge a fee? If you have purchased a copy of RM, they support it at no charge. You may be getting scammed. Just keep in mind that support is likely not going to offer any more updates to the program.

Bruce pays a stiff fee for the crossover wrapper for the mac RM7 and will want to drop that as soon as possible which would end support for the mac on 7

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And you know this how?

Codeweaver builds wrappers for windows software companies for a flat fee or monthly rent per version which includes moderate bug fixes to the wrapper.

Common knowledge and discussed in years past concerning getting something on macs and delays for new mac os versions every year (windows is on a 5 to 10 year cycle but who cares).