Index not showing an individual in the database

I’m baffled. My RM database clearly shows Joseph Horton, b 1759, d 1833; but when I “Show Everyone” on the Index, he does not come up. This is preventing me from adding his “Association” to other records and easily jumping to his profile/family page. He is showing up on my tree, which is linked to my RM9 database. The only way I can jump to his family record is to go to one of his children and then click into his parent record. Has anybody else experienced this, and if so, how did you rectify it? As best I can tell, I don’t have any filters set anywhere which would exclude Joseph Horton 1759-1833 from showing up on the index.

Could it be that also Horton is placed as Given name?

In his Edit Person screen, check if he has more than one Birth fact. Check that his Birth event is not a custom fact type. Run the database tool Rebuild Indexes.

Also, to resolve some ambiguities, turn on the database settings option to display record number after name.

Checked and that is not the issue.

He has only one Birth date, but it is the same as Christening Date and Baptism date. Where can I turn on the record number? Under Settings, I see “Number to display” with the options being None, RIN, REFN, and FSID. Is that it—and if so, which one should I select?

I just changed setting to RIN and now I see the record number – and may see the problem. The record number on the profile is for Joseph Horton-279 (1759-1833); but the Index for Joseph Horton-279 is 1793-1833. The 1793 date is no where on the profile of the correct joseph horton. In fact, I have NO joseph horton in my database with a 1793 birthdate at all. How do I fix this?

Thanks Tom. I deleted and readded the “birth” fact type even though my index only shows one “birth” fact. Then reindexed and it is fixed. Appreciate your help!

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