Inconsistent number of families in files downloaded by treeshare

I’m confused when comparing the number of families in RM7 or RM8 versus files imported by treeshare from ancestry.
I have a file in RM7 synced with ancestry. I have imported this RM7 file into RM8 by the RM8 import feature.
Then I have downloaded the ancestry file by tree share into a new file by RM7 and also by RM8.
I also downloaded from ancestry a gedcom which I imported in a new file in RM7 and also in RM8.
So I have 6 files which all should be the same, but they are not. The number of people is the same in all files. Most other details differ like places, sources, events, …
But especially the number of families is very much higher in the two treeshare downloaded files. The number of families is:
RM7 original: 2456
RM8 imported: 2456
From ancestry by gedcom to RM7: 2455
From ancestry by gedcom to RM8: 2455
From ancestry by treeshare to RM7: 3091
From ancestry by treeshare to RM8: 3094

If I look to the files imported by tree share, I find many people (families) with a 2nd unknown spouse, which probably is the reason for the much too high number of families in the treeshare imported files.
But looking at the ancestry website there are no 2nd spouses, neither are there unknown spouses in the file that ancestry exports as gedcom nor are they in original RM7 (RM8) files.
In the RM8 family view, I see that the unknown 2nd spouse has the same marriage date as the real first spouse. So the original 1st spouse seems to generate the 2nd unknown souse. Therefore, the total number of people is not changed. I also can unlink the 2nd unknown spouse and so reduce the total number of families by one count. In RM7, I don’t know how to unlink the 2nd unknown spouse, as there is no family table in RM7.

So there must be an issue with treeshare in RM7 and RM8 with my file. Is this issue a known issue, or is it just an issue with my file?


I cannot imagine why it would be unique to your Ancestry Tree and there have been many posts about unexpected couples having an unidentified spouse so I suspect there is an ongoing issue between RM’s couple (family) records/events and Ancestry’s treatment of couple events such as Marriage as two Individual events, one for each spouse. Whether that’s in the upload or download direction is not evident from your report but TreeShare download is what looks suspect.

Is it a known issue? I don’t know. Yours is the most comprehensive comparison that I’ve seen that illuminates it.

One TreeShare issue I’ve seen fairly consistently is family confusion when one of the parents has an undefined gender. Depending on how the spouse is added a gender isn’t always attached to the individual. This can also result in a husband/wife “swap” on the RM side. Possibly this issue works itself out on a GEDCOM export/import but not during TreeShare.

I would have a look at any families with oddities and check for proper husband/wife placement and run the error report looking for undefined genders.

There are no people with undefined gender, or switched gender of father and mother in the data base

There are some news on this issue. Meanwhile, it is clear that this is a problem of ancestry.
When downloading a tree from ancestry, there come a lot of unknown spouses generated by ancestry, as already mentioned above.
The news are that the unknown spouses are the same when downloading to RM or to FTM.
Therefore, this clearly is an ancestry issue.
So everybody should be extremely careful to download a tree from ancestry.

There is already a FB group from FTM which deals with this issue.