In RM9 -- Looking for the "Relationship Calculator"

On page 90 of the manual, it mentions that within the tools menu, we can access the relationship calculator – am I just not seeing it in the program?

People View Tools

Bob, thank you. But this is what I see at Tools:

It is not like what you sent. Is that from RM9?

Thank you – but this is what I see on the tools:

Not surprising … the RM interface isn’t particularly intuitive sometimes.

The relationship calculator isn’t under the main ‘Tools’ menu, where you’re screenshot is.

First, you should switch to the ‘People’ section. Then, in the upper right corner of the RM app, one of the icons you will see is that Wrench & Screwdriver icon you see in Bob’s screenshot. When you click that, you’ll see the calculator.

You are in the wrong place! It isn’t in the tools menu on the left. Go to the upper right corner and look for the screwdriver and wrench icon.

Thank you very much – I’m new to this program – I appreciate your answer.

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Thank you very much. Your response got me right on track – I knew that I was doing something wrong . . .