Icon layer disappears after database open a long time RM10

Where did they go? Is this new or a previously reported issue? Community Search didn’t find anything identical so is it unique to me?

Coincidental to RM10 release, I started using temporarily an old (from Win 8 era but running Win 10) Dell Notebook. I’ve noticed that if I leave RM open on a database for a long time (overnight maybe), that all the icons are gone. Not just from the current window but others (haven’t checked all, but enough to suspect they are all bare). If I open another database, it, too, is bereft of icons. RM10 has to be restarted to get back to normal.

Power mode = balanced
Power button & lid closure = Sleep
Sleep when inactive = never when plugged in; after 15 minutes on battery (it was plugged in but I used the power button or closed the lid)

|Processor|Intel(R) Celeron(R) 2955U @ 1.40GHz 1.40 GHz|
|Installed RAM|8.00 GB|
|System type|64-bit operating system, x64-based processor|


I had that happen 1 time BUT it was when I was converting the database from RM9 to RM 10–so I just deleted that copy and converted it again-- didn’t report it–so yes it is a new issue-- Thanks for the info abt leaving it open

Are you turning off sync to OneDrive while using RM? I’ve seen parts of the program disappear while syncing.

I haven’t and that file is in OneDrive. I’ve got a copy outside of OneDrive that I’m testing now over the next day or so. Until now, I’ve had confidence that OneDrive automatically suspended syncing of a file that is open in RM and that may still be the case.

I’d need an explanation of how the user interface of the program could possibly be affected by a sync operation of the data file. A freeze-up, yes, data corruption, yes, but loss of the control icons? The program is still operational if you can find the needed control without the graphic guidance.

In my case, I was NOT using any cloud service.

Bingo! This is only hours since being opened and it’s not in OneDrive. And the sidebar is a void as is the icon layer.

This has happens to me from time to time with both 9 and 10. Can’t say what I was doing at the time. Everything works if you know where the icon is located. You have to shut it down and restart it. Not a big issue but I would say every month or so it happens.

When computer resources are low, or the graphic card is failing, you can lose icons. You did mention using an older computer, Window 8 era. When the computer goes to Sleep it will lower the computer resources. It’s best to close RM before putting it to sleep.