How to bulk edit a group of people (e.g. to add a residence)?

As I move through my research, I occasionally discover a new fact that applies to multiple people.

For example, I discover a census record that tells me that a family of 8 people were living in a specific city on a specific date.

Is there a way to add this fact to multiple people all at once in RootsMagic9?


You can Share the fact with them-- so from your post I see you want to add a residence on a specific date.

Actually if you included the place details/ place in the census fact for head of household or couple and then shared it with all the others, it would show up as a witness fact on their page and in any reports etc BUT it will NOT show up under PLACES ( left side) when you look there–just the 1st person the fact was created under…

If you want it to show up under places, I don’t see anyway for this to happen UNLESS you add the fact to each individual.

There are two longstanding enhancement requests that relate to your question:

  1. Copy fact to a group (or people selected from a list).
  2. Convert a shared event to individual events.

While you can use shared events to readily distribute the same event details, media, citations from the Principal person to others with secondary roles, shared events are not yet fully supported and exploited by RM nor available in many (most) external softwares when transferred from RM. Addressing those shortcomings were also long ago requested. #2 above, implemented as a tool and also as an option in the TreeShare and FSFT interchange and in GEDCOM Export would get around many of the shortcomings.

Perhaps @rzamor1 could confirm that these old requests are on the current enhancement requests list reviewed by the developers.


Confirming enhancement requests have been reported to development.