How many in a group--how to compare groups

Is there a way --other than creating a gedcom- to know how many people are in a group? I want to be able to compare who are in two groups created at different times so that I will know which is more recent and more complete. So two questions: the number and can groups be compared. Thanks

->Groups tab->Edit groups (pencil icon)->Edit button
Under Type: Free-Form & right beside Select people button
XXXXX people manually selected

Thanks for the quick reply. I will use it.

Most list-type reports, including statistics and custom, can be filtered by group. They can be saved to spreadsheets with which you might empower some comparisons.

You could also export each group to new, respective database files and then use RM’s File Compare tool.

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Another option is to use the Statistic List filtered to that group. Though clicking on Edit Group to see the count is much easier now.