How Can I Quickly Import the Profiles of Many Unrelated Individuals from FamilySearch?

This winter, I used FamilySearch to document the genealogy of individuals associated with a German Immigration Society that played a major role in the settlement of my hometown.

There were ~1,000 individuals involved in the initial wave plus all of the children, grandchildren, etc. who were born later. While many of the individuals were connected in extended family groups and the society remained somewhat insular for the first generation or two, there are several hundred participants who were not directly related to other members of the group.

I’ve maintained a spreadsheet with a list of the FamilySearch IDs for all participants (along with other relevant details). Is there a way to import these profiles into RootsMagic 8 en masse (even if I need to break it up into slightly smaller chunks) or would I have to trudge through importing family group by family group? The latter seems rather time prohibitive.

Is there a quick way to do this?

There is little support, but this was extremely helpful to me, as I previously did all my work on FS and became a recent user of RM:

Having a list of all those FSIDs will make this relatively easy, if you’re a little computer savvy (have, or not afraid of installing Python).

Thanks, Chad! This is looking like a solution I could run with.

@ChadK Thanks again for the tip. I finally had some time this afternoon to work on this and, after determining the getmyancestors package seems to have some compatibility issues with the latest version of Python and downgrading to the prior version, it seems to work great!

Excellent. Glad to hear it. It was super helpful for me.