Having problems with adding home page art to RM personal site

I have RM9. When I first published to RM personal site I didn’t have the art/pic for the home page.
It was my understanding that it could be added later.
Attached is the window that showed the first time I published.

On set up window when republishing is not there.
Am I too late to do this now?

Well, only in the sense that… to “update” the website you must delete the existing installed one and re-upload w/Picture for homepage filled in.

I went to do that and it told me if I deleted I would lose my the name of the site.

You will only lose the name of your site if you take to long to claim it again. So do it back to back before someone else wants to create a site with the same name.

A minor rewrite is obviously warranted, LOL!
(sitename …no longer reserved / …released from use / …now available)

I will try that. Thank you for your help.