GenSmarts Software

Is anyone using the software entitled GenSmarts? It appears outdated, but does it add any value to your research?

I’m a former GenSmarts user. At the time I purchased GenSmarts, I purchased it from the RM Web site and there was integration between RM and GenSmarts. With RM8 and RM9, you would need to make a GEDCOM from RM for GenSmarts to read.

For several years, I found GenSmarts to be a major part of my genealogy toolset. Essentially, GenSmarts provided research hints long before RM provided WebHints. But I found that GenSmarts gradually became less relevant because of things like more records available online and more records being recommended via RM’s WebHints. Also, I found that the GenSmarts hints were increasingly irrelevant because the hints were for published books that were only available at a library in another state. So I haven’t used it in a very long time.