Genealogy completed

How do I now export all my genealogy to a USB. I have Roots 8

I am assuming that you actually have RootsMagic 8 since Roots is a long defunct program that made it to version 5 if I recall.

So with that assumption, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to send you Rootsmagic file to someone, or to make a backup to USB? Are you wanting to setup the RootsMagic To Go so you can take your research with you? Are you actually wanting to export that data to a GEDCOM file to transfer it to some other software. There is a lot of possibilities.

Thanks for answering. I have Rootsmagic 8 and want to remove all my data files to a USB for future searching by other family members. My genealogy is complete. I have paper records but want a backup. How do I do that. Arleen

Just curious, what do you mean by “My genealogy is complete”?

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A Shareable Drive would be a good option. Steps for creating one are here.

I have finished searching all of our family lines back to the 1700. I’ve spent 30 + years doing genealogy. So my genealogy is complete up to me.

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You may find many new records and information or leads pop up over time as Ancestry and FamilySearch scan in ever more detail. This may also reveal errors and data conflicts.

Congratulations! I am only at ten years for the computerized part. I began manually doing genealogy in 1974. You lead me to wonder "“what would I do with all the spare time if I didn’t do genealogy?”

ride my bicycle?
get a puppy?

It hadnt occurred to me that it could be complete.

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