Fixed: some omissions of non-blood spouses in Set Relationships 10.0.1

Continuing the discussion from RootsMagic Update History:

From What’s New in Help:

Half relationship support in relationship calculator, set relationships, relationship chart, kinship list, DNA kinship list, and DNA view

Not mentioned in What’s New is the extension to non-blood spouses of blood relatives for which there has been recent discussion of errors in the outcomes.

No mention is made in the 10.0.1 update of any fix for errors in Set Relationships but there has been a major improvement in the small number of missed non-blood spouses of relatives that @thejerrybryan and others have been reporting and analyzing.

Note that Set Relationships must be rerun to fix the omissions which can include non-blood aunts and uncles that were correct in RM9.

Edit: @thejerrybryan 's final thoughts on the bug: An update on RM10's improved Set Relationships feature . My observation of the remaining unreported spouse of persons in a small (1100 people) database using my own methods are ‘spouse of spouse of a relative’ and they should be omitted. So I would concur that the bug is fixed.

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Not sure exactly what they changed – but it looks like the made some significant modifications to the way relationships are calculated. (and use of Relate1 & Relate2 , Flags in PersonTable)