Find A Grave Source Template

What is the best Source Template to use for Find A Grave or Billion Graves?

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I use a user submitted Source Template “EE-FindAGrave” User Source Templates - RootsMagic Wiki

I’m a Mac user and very cautious about any of the suggested ways to download and open any of these source templates. Not sure what I’m asking for, but I’d be much more at ease if it had nothing to do with Google or Google Drive (which is not installed on my Mac)

Here’s a screen shot of the user created Find A Grave Source Template if you wish to make your own.

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You don’t need Google Drive. Downloading the template is really no different than downloading anything else. Besides, it is a download on a site that belongs to Renee and it has been up for years.

Just saw this topic for Find a Grave. Thanks to rzamor1 for posting the link to the source templates.

One question, Why is EE part of the template name? I know it stands for “Evidence Explained”.


It’s what the user decided to name it.