Fact Type Sentence Language

Can anyone interpret this sentence for me please?

[HeSheFirst] was [a] [-EventRole] to the [FactType:Lower] of [MainPerson]< [Date:Plain]>< [Place:Plain]><: [Desc]>.

I found it in the Best Man role for the Marriage fact. I can’t recall ever using this role so I don’t think it’s a failed attempt on my part to write something interesting, but equally it doesn’t look like standard RM language. Either way, it doesn’t seem to work!

Just curious!

Agreed. Maybe it was a flawed conversion on importing from some other software’s database.

Make a backup and delete a role from some fact that you know is used to confirm that you will get a warning. If you do, then you can safely proceed to delete this role, knowing that you have the option to correct the sentence if you are warned that the role is in use.

This is what I use for the Shared Event … [ThisPerson] was the bestman in the marriage of [couple]< [Date]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>.

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Basically Steve-- what it should say is John was a Bestman to the marriage of Sam Wilson then date and place-- Description would be anything else you wanted to include such as Sally was the Maid of Honor…
and as Mad Dog said there are easier ways to say the same thing…

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Thanks Nancy and Mad Dog for your suggestions. My query was actually not so much about how to write a Best Man sentence as such, but whether anyone recognised the bits I’ve never seen before i.e. [a] [-EventRole] and [FactType: . I suspect TomH has answered the point. Thanks all.

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