Bridesmaid Sentence (RM7)

I’m trying to create a Bridesmaid role under the Marriage Fact, so far I’ve got a sentence that reads "Ivy Maud Lawrence was a at the Marriage of Herbert George Lawrence and Ada Lilian Westlake in June Q 1931 in Langport.

I’ve made a ‘Bridesmaid’ fact which says “[ThisPerson] was a [Desc:A]at the marriage of [couple]< [Date]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>.”. How do I get the word Bridesmaid to appear after Ivy Maud Lawrence was a — at the marriage of?

I’m still using RM7. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks


I would replace [Desc:A] with the word bridesmaid, since this is a bridesmaid role. Anyone that you use it for will be a bridesmaid. I am not certain what the [Desc:A] will do for you. Doesn’t the A switch just include an ‘a’ or ‘an’ as needed? You already have the ‘a’ hardcoded.

Thank you kfunk, that works perfectly, I was trying to adapt another role and got hopelessly confused.