Fact Notes - Unable to delete "empty notes"

Now RM9 - Probably missing something obvious, but I have a number of instances where I have created a note attached to a fact and then for whatever reason, have later decided to delete the content of the note. Having done that, I cannot find a way to remove the note icon, without deleting the fact. Also have a few primary name entries with notes and there is no option to remove the primary name and thus the blank note.

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Nope, you’re correct

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This problem still happens under a certain scenario!

If I type a note and then change the words into italics, then select ‘all’ and delete the note then when I exit the notepad the note icon does not disappear! If I then type in a new note it will already in italics . If I change it back to ‘normal’ (non-italic) then delete the text the note icon will then disappear.

The same thing happens if I do it with ‘underline’. But not when I use ‘bold’.

Maybe I’ve got too much spare time :slight_smile: