Fact Has Media?

Other than SQL, there does not appear to be able to SEARCH if a fact had Media
You can for can for example if DEATH Fact exists and Source Exist.

There does not appear to be a way If Media Exist (for particular Fact such as death)
(options for Date, Place, PlaceDetails, value, Note, Source, Age. Exist)

Basically I am looking to build groups that are missing media for chosen fact (and other criteria)
So I am guessing this would need to be a feature request. Actually, there are a few additional Search criteria . This type of media search would be helpful.

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I have used SQLite scripts for years to find facts without media, citations without media, sources without media, people without media, whatever without media. I agree that the same capability needs instead to be available from within the RM user interface. You are correct that the capability does not presently exist.

In fairness, the Fact Type list has some limited capability for this sort of thing. For example, you can create a report of Facts With Sources or Facts Without Sources. The same support is not provided for media. And in any case, the limited capability for this sort of thing in the Fact List is not integrated with Advanced Search, creating groups, or doing color coding.

Just wanted to make sure I had not missed anything with RM 9

For those of us comfortable with SQL (or Excel Power Query) there are options outside of RM.
However, this would seem to been of benefit for those users who want to find where they are missing MEDIA for particular fact(s). Another Missing (Field) would be GEN UP / GEN DOWN (hard coded in person table based on Set Relationships – there are of course work around using groups for that scenario)

Okay - so I wrote a crude one in Excel using ODBC with Power Query.
Here Ben Abbott has 3 facts with NO Media

below are the queries I used