Easiest way to split imported sources and citation in RM9

Many of my sources have been transferred from Family Search matches. I do not like the naming formats used.
For example,it appears on my source list like this:
Alta Woodring, “Michigan Marriages, 1822-1995”. And the citation name and detail is blank.

I would like to have source names line up by type: census, marriage, books, etc. Then I want to create a citation name and citation separately.

What do you think is the easiest way to split something already in place? And where is a good place to split? I am sure I am overthinking it , but seem to be stuck with the decision.

The easiest way, hardest way, and only way is to redo the entries by hand. You would need to create new entries by hand and delete the old entries by hand.

A consequence of importing sources and citations automatically from FamilySearch or anywhere else is that you are stuck with the sources and citations you imported unless you redo them by hand.


Thanks, Jerry. And Darn!

I have “categories” for my source names. For the ones that come from FamilySearch that start with the person’s name I add "Ind: to the front of it so all the individual sources sort together.

Very interesting. Thanks. I may just try that.