Easiest way to separate trees in a single database into its own database

So I have one database with many separate “trees” in the database. There is one “tree” that I would like to separate into its own database. What is the easiest way to do this?

For each separate tree You would like to separate into its own database:

  1. Create a new separate database
  2. Choose Tools (or Command Pallette)->Count Trees->Highlight a Start Person->Click Go to tree
  3. With your mouse pointer, drag that Start Person out of source database across to new database window.
  4. Answer<- Who do you want to copy with ->Everyone in the same tree as Start Person.
  5. Rinse. Repeat for all Trees.

Thank you! This worked perfectly!

It may not be perfect but is the best way for a non-technical person. Some things are lost along the way…

Tom, In what you referenced it says under:
“Full” Transfer to an Empty Database
… following are lost:

Standardized Place Name and Abbreviated Place Name

Can you expand on what exactly is lost?

Edit a Place and you will see three name fields, two of which are not transferable.