Duplicate matching

When I run the ‘Merge Duplicates’ tool and mark a pair as “Not a match”, is that saved in the database so that it won’t appear if I run the tool again?


It’s a slightly tricky answer. The “Not a Match” condition is saved so that it won’t appear if you run the tool again. But it’s not saved in your main RM database. Instead, RM creates a second and much smaller database which is a DUP file to contain the information about the match.

You really can’t see the DUP file directly from RM, and the RM user interface acts more or less as if the DUP actually was a part of your main RM database. So there are only a few of situations where knowing about the DUP file is important.

  • Don’t look at the DUP file from your computer’s file manager and delete it because you don’t what it is. If you do that, then the history of your “Not a match” will be lost
  • If you move your RM database to a new computer and if you only copy the rmtree file to the new computer without the DUP file, then the history of your “Not a match” will be lost
  • If you share your RM database in some way or the other between computers (or use RM To Go or anything like that), then you won’t have your history of “Not a match” on all your computers unless you make sure the DUP file is copied or synced to all the computers where you are running RM.
  • The DUP file is not include in the RM backup file.

Aren’t the not-duplicates stored in the ExclusionTable ?

ID1 and ID2 are the non matches.

And isn’t the dup database just a temporary storage for use during Auto merge operation?
These are real questions. I haven’t tested.

That is correct. See

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Much thanks for the correction. I should have waited for Tom to answer this one in the first place.