Dual Monitors issue

Anybody here using dual monitors? I’m finding that when I have RM8 on Monitor 2, some dialogues are appearing on Monitor 1. Doesn’t seem to be a problem if RM8 is opened on Monitor1.

I have 2 monitors and haven’t seen that happen. What dialogues appear on monitor 1?

Yes, there is weird stuff going on depending, I think, where the last windows were when the program closed or where the last window of a type was closed. Another misbehaviour I’ve seen in the Preview is windows going partially or fully off screen, related to the “Scaling” Windows Display Setting. If it’s over 100% (Windows recommends 125% for one of my monitors), things go wonky. RM seems unaware of the effect, unlike other software.

Once the RM 8 program is launched moving it to monitor 2 via a drag of that dialogue window before interacting in it might help. Otherwise most software I use does the same thing if opened and interacted in monitor 1 first, then moved to monitor 2.

Some observations so far:

  • RM8 ALWAYS opens in Monitor1 regardless of where it was last closed
  • Moving RM8 to Monitor2 before interacting DOES NOT make any difference
  • It seems to be the “Add new” and “Print” dialogues that are the most likely to revert to Monitor1, but behaviour is inconsistent (further investigation needed)

Are the monitors set up as one continuous screen or two isolated screens?

Running Windows 10 with extended display (Monitor1 is main display).

Would prefer to run RM8 on Monitor2 (bigger screen, can scale to get a better display), but still workable running RM8 on Monitor1

An update…

When I started RM8 this morning it opened on Monitor2 automatically :grinning::grinning::grinning:. Print task list dialogue still opened on Monitor1 though.

Same problen happens here when adding a new spouse with RM8 running on screen 2, the window for adding the new spouse details opens in screen 1. Also noticed that when running Libre Office on screen 2 the widow for password entry opens in screen 1, so maybe a W10 “feature”. In screen setup “Extend these displays” is ticked.

I am having issues with Monitor 2 also. When opening a person to edit it gets too big for the screen and I have to use the escape key to close it. So I moved the whole thing to Monitor 1 (larger screen) and it works. I close the program on Monitor 1 and now every time I open it it opens on Monitor 2 and I have to move it. For some reason Monitor 2 runs things slower anyways. I usually just use the 2nd screen for things I need to type from and my main screen for what I’m actually working on. It’s kind of a pain because I would rather have my webpages open on the main screen, but I guess I’ll have to get used to it.

Also having issues with merging citations.

  • Select citation (primary for merge) and “Merge Citation” option on Monitor 2
  • Select citation (to be merged with primary) opens in Monitor 1
  • Dialogue showing Primary and Duplicate details opens on Monitor 2

I’m getting whiplash!

This is still an annoying feature of the program when syncing the tree from Ancestry. I too like to work with RM on my right screen but it always opens on the left screen and fails to move ‘maximised’ when dragged to the right (secondary) screen. Having sorted that out, the Ancestry TreeShare dialogue opens on the right screen but if you choose to update a field, the next dialogue box (to select which items to update) appears on the left screen. So frustrating.

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