DNA notes using save note or close options do not save data

I recently converted my RM7 database into RM10 and have been working on DNA matches inputting them manually. I enter a note on Ancestry to explain the common ancestor and the relationship between the two matches. I used the DNA note field but was unable to get it to save. I assumed it would save automatically, when I closed the window using the “close” button at the bottom of the screen since there is no save note option but when it didn’t I went to the pop out note screen and saw there was a save option which I selected but it did not preserve the data. I thought it might be linked to my copying the text from Ancestry but it did not save with data input directly. I did notice that when I had the edit note screen showing.and I moved up and down the list of DNA entries the note which relates to just one entry is visible regardless of which entry you are looking at. As a result I tried using the close note window arrow which saved the note and displayed it in the right place. It also finally saved it. I’ve attached some screen shots that hopefully will make things clearer. Although I can now save my note I do not think this is behaving in the correct way.

@KaitlinB when you are on the note screen, you click on the monitor ( upper right in note screen), it takes you to a 2nd page that has save note at the bottom…

Typically I don’t have to use it and my notes save okay BUT you might check it out

Confirming issue with saving note and note copying has been reported to development. You need to move back to the DNA Match panel and save the note before moving on.

That button is not currently saving correctly.