David Lee Channell

new to rootsmagic , I had question downloaded ancestry tree to rootsmagic, I see I have saved notes in person tab and no notes in Primary name and I have saved citations in primary name and not in person tab, my question is which one should notes and citations be saved in? person tab or primary name?

It seems to me that this is a bug and that both the saved notes and saved citations should be associated with the Person rather than with the Primary Name. But the RM folks would need to address why it’s working the way it works. Only they can declare whether this is a bug or whether it’s a feature.

RM’s Primary Name feature doesn’t do exactly what it might seem to do. It was introduced into RM in order to provide a way to swap a Primary Name with an Alternate Name to create a New Primary Name while still retaining the information from the original Primary Name as a new Alternate Name. Now that the Primary Name feature has been introduced into RM, a person’s name is still associated more with the Person than it is with the Primary Name. Any notes or citations you add to a Primary Name do not appear in RM’s narrative reports. Any notes or citations you add to a Person do appear in RM’s narrative reports.That’s why I think it’s a bug if TreeShare attaches downloaded citations to the Primary Name rather than to the Person.

The advantage of notes or citations that you add to a Primary Name is that they are retained when you swap a Primary Name with an Alternate Name. Otherwise, they don’t seem actually to do anything in RM.

The Person row in RM will display the Primary Name and the general notes, sources and media. Primary Name and Alternate Name will show notes, sources and media connected to those. The screen shot shows where they map.
When a new tree is uploaded to Ancestry we can send the Person, Primary Name, and Alternate Name separately with their notes. Ancestry will struggle if you try to add them after the initial upload for the person.

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