Date Format and TreeShare

While doing TreeShare to Ancestry has just changed date format from
10 January 1959 to 1 Jan 1959.
It is how I have it set in edit person pane.

I have reset settings, restarted ran db tools numerous times.
Program settings “Date Entry” set to 5/10/1959 means 10 May 1959.
General Settings "“Date Format” set to 10 January 1959.

How to get it back?

TreeShare is not going to change your Settings in RM. Are you referring to Ancestry not using your date format when uploading to your tree?

Its the way RM shows the date in TreeShare. It displays is as 1 Jan 1959, but its does sync as I have set it in settings to 1 January 1959. Just confusing feel like I have to verify it each time.