D'Aboville list

I’d like to have a descendants list that consists of only two elements:
D’Aboville number

I don’t see any such option. Is there something I’m missing, or is there a way to export the file and create a list outside of RootsMagic?

D’Aboville number is not retained in the database and is calculated when the report is generated. The only ways to get what you want is to either

Manually edit all facts to prevent them from printing, create your report and then manually re-enable all facts printing in reports. or

Write SQL code to accomplish the turning off and then back on of the printing of all facts.

Alternatively, generate the report and save it either as .txt or .docx and manually edit out what you don’t want.

If you know of a program that provides the style of report you want, export to it if possible.

Within RM, you could add the number as a Reference Number fact (but it must be the only or first added REFN fact) to each person and select the setting to have it displayed after the name.